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Covid-19 SBA loans


Now that the Federal Government has passed legislation assisting small businesses to survive the current economic shutdown here is what you need to know about getting an SBA loan under the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP).   First, all states and territories of the country have been declared an economic disaster area so regardless of where your [...]

Covid-19 SBA loans2020-04-06T18:16:50+00:00

How to Prevent a Payroll Disaster


The recent news about a payroll provider that closed suddenly leaving hundreds of companies and thousands of workers struggling has created a lot of anxiety with business owners. MyPayrollHR was based in New York and had over 1,000 clients. In early September this year its clients received an email that said (in part): “…we are [...]

How to Prevent a Payroll Disaster2020-01-15T21:18:42+00:00

How to Recognize a Ponzi Scheme


Ponzi schemes have been with us since time began. They did not earn that name until Charles Ponzi decided that defrauding people was easier than working for a living. In January 1920 he set up company that offered to double a customer’s money in 90 days. As with all Ponzi schemes the early “investors” were [...]

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Looking Over the Numbers


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Yearend Buffet


I planned to use the end of 2018 to publish a collection of items but life got in the way.  So now these small posts will be a bridge from 2018 and into 2019.  None of these are enough for a post by themselves but they are all related.  Think of this as a buffet [...]

Yearend Buffet2020-01-15T22:03:31+00:00

Doing Good While Doing Well (for yourself)


Americans are very generous.  When a hurricane, tornado, flood or other disaster occurs wallets, purses and checkbooks are opened to help fund humanitarian needs.  Earlier this year The Giving Institute issued its report: Giving USA 2018: The Annual Report on Philanthropy for the Year 2017. (  It showed that Americans donated over $410 billion in 2017 to charities and [...]

Doing Good While Doing Well (for yourself)2020-01-15T22:10:04+00:00
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