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Raider Fraud Consulting provides your business with preventive measures to help protect your organization from loss.

Formal Fraud Risk Assessment (FRA) decreases the loss amount to fraud by 38% and the duration of the fraud by 50%.  We work with businesses and non-profits to make incidents of fraud less likely by assessing the level of fraud risk in your organization, improving controls and establishing policies and procedures to protect your small business or non-profit from future losses due to fraud.


Only Four Percent of Perpetrators Had a Previous Conviction for Fraud.


Of Fraudsters Displayed At Least One Behavioral Red Flag of Fraud.


Internal Control Weaknesses Are Responsible For Nearly Half Of Frauds

“We have a company of 6 persons (including a couple of family members), we do our bookkeeping internally and have a decade long relationship with our CPA.  I have my finger on the pulse of everything and even have some law enforcement background.  Regardless, I was curious to see what a Fraud Risk Assessment would reveal.   I asked Larry Fuschino of Raider Consulting to conduct one for us.    I completed a written question & answer sheet, then met with Larry to review and discuss everything.  Larry thoroughly reviewed the information provided, had relaxed discussions and Q & A with managers and employees.  Taking all of the information into consideration Larry compiled the formal FRA report.   Although fraudulent activity was NOT uncovered, his report opened my eyes to some vulnerabilities that could have easily lead to sustained, fraudulent activity.   Larry also provided recommendations to off-set the vulnerabilities, which resulted in us easily changing some of our common practices.  In addition, there was no after the assessment “selling” by Larry to address the vulnerabilities.  A straight-forward, fraud assessment service as promised was provided.  We recommend Raider Consulting to other small (or large) business owners, who may also think they have their finger on the pulse of everything.”

Randall Rabenold

Fraud Prevention Services for Small Business & Non-Profit Organizations

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An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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